Managing tomorrow

School of Management Sciences


Welcome to the Home Page of the School of Management Sciences. Professor Madéle Tait is the Director of the School. Her secretary is Ms Vanessa Jansen Van Rensburg and the administrative assistant is Ms Chantell Vögts.

ABOVE: Ms Chantell Vögts, Prof Madéle Tait and Ms Vanessa Jansen Van Rensburg

The School consists of four academic departments, namely the Department of Business Management, the Department of Logistics Management, the Department of Management Practice and the Department of Marketing Management.

The Heads of Departments are as follows:

Department of Business Management - Professor Eileen Mazibuko

Department of Logistics Management - Mr Gavin Cook

Department of Management Practice - Dr Jo Zeelie

Department of Marketing Management - Dr Marlé Van Eyk

The vision of Professor Tait for the School of Management Sciences is to be a current, modern School which is at the rock face of management education and research and strives to not only satisfy our internal clients (staff members) as well as our external clients (students), but to delight them.